Thursday, June 18, 2009

tiny cabarengels

I never turn down the opportunity to make a custom order. There's little that excites me more than transforming someone's high-falutin fantasy into a wearable product. In fact, each time someone asks if I'm willing to take on a project, even with little time, I make it a top priority. Because really, there's nothing I love more than a tiny hat challenge.

My friend Ashley recently asked me to make five matching, but not identical, top hats and pillboxes for a joint birthday party in her hometown of New Orleans -- a tall tiny hat order but one I was raring to tackle. A little bit Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel and a little Liza!, the party featured Ashley and four lady friends as throwback cocktail waitresses, decked to the hilt in over-the-top cabaret ensembles, fishnets and towering metallic heels. My black & silver chapeaus were just the cherry on top. Each one emblazoned with two J's -- initials of the birthday honorees -- the hats embody all my Busby-Berkley dreams, and as a set, are perhaps one of my favorite custom orders to date.

Ashley and her friends, of course, are unbelievably adorable themselves, which certainly helps the immaculate vision come through. As a constant tiny hat supporter, I salute Ashley in her efforts to recreate the timeless glamour of a cinematic classic (as well as its jazzy offspring). I only hope I can continue to deliver the goods.

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Monday, June 8, 2009



look for more stuff in the coming days!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dearest members of the Ministry,

I am so sorry to have neglected you for so very long. I am recovering from an intense yet productive weekend filled with craft fairs, parties, dinners and a graduation ceremony featuring none other than the illustrious Glenn Close, known best for her onscreen psychopathic tendencies. You see, my best friend in the whole wide world, Kari, graduated last weekend, and in between celebratory moments, I managed to squeeze in two days worth of tiny hat-peddling at the 9th annual Indie Craft Experience, summer edition. I saw some friendly faces while I was there, including those in my booth. Flanked on either side by fellow fanciful crafters and good friends ConGello ( and a bardis, Ministry of Tiny Hats was in great company.

For those of you who came out to the fest, I hope you enjoyed yourselves immensely. From a more personal place, I hope that you found joy in my tiny hats, and possibly even picked one up for yourself or loved one. Many potential purchasers inquired about Ministry of Tiny Hats's Etsy status, and I feel I fell short of expectations. I do, in fact, have an etsy store: However, having been so busy preparing for this year's I.C.E., I have not kept up with it as well as I'd like. In the coming days, please check my etsy store for new hat styles perfect for summer fun party time!

And please, don't forget, I love custom orders, so don't hesitate to contact me with any and all of your special requests! Just shoot an email to, and let the magic begin! Seriously, let your imagination wild. To prove this point, my aforementioned bff donned the perfect whimsical addition to her grad attire all weekend long: a tiny graduation cap, picture at right. I'm really regretful I didn't make some of these to sell at I.C.E., despite their untimeliness. In the immortal words of Frank N Furter, don't dream it, be it. If you can imagine it, I can more than likely make it a reality!

In other news, my friend and former coworker Jessica had a last minute tiny hat emergency prior to a wedding she was attending in Serenbe last weekend, and luckily I had the perfect chapeau to match her flirty, ocean blue dress. The flat, blue velvet flower hat was the perfect complement to her swingy blonde bob and frock, and further proved that short-haired girls can wear tiny hats just as well -- if not better -- than us Rapunzel-locked ladies.

Again, thanks to everyone who continues to support me in this little tiny business, and has faith that I can make it in a crappy economy overflowing with competition. I like to think I've got a little something that stands out, and I have you guys to thank for that.

your loyal mini milliner,
Amy Taylor