Thursday, June 18, 2009

tiny cabarengels

I never turn down the opportunity to make a custom order. There's little that excites me more than transforming someone's high-falutin fantasy into a wearable product. In fact, each time someone asks if I'm willing to take on a project, even with little time, I make it a top priority. Because really, there's nothing I love more than a tiny hat challenge.

My friend Ashley recently asked me to make five matching, but not identical, top hats and pillboxes for a joint birthday party in her hometown of New Orleans -- a tall tiny hat order but one I was raring to tackle. A little bit Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel and a little Liza!, the party featured Ashley and four lady friends as throwback cocktail waitresses, decked to the hilt in over-the-top cabaret ensembles, fishnets and towering metallic heels. My black & silver chapeaus were just the cherry on top. Each one emblazoned with two J's -- initials of the birthday honorees -- the hats embody all my Busby-Berkley dreams, and as a set, are perhaps one of my favorite custom orders to date.

Ashley and her friends, of course, are unbelievably adorable themselves, which certainly helps the immaculate vision come through. As a constant tiny hat supporter, I salute Ashley in her efforts to recreate the timeless glamour of a cinematic classic (as well as its jazzy offspring). I only hope I can continue to deliver the goods.

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  1. Seriously, the best party attire I've ever worn...the hats were essential! Thanks for being the best yet, A-Tay!!!


  2. hey!! those are my friends- and i was at that party! why am i just seeing this? xxoo your stuff is truly amazing & inspirational.