Friday, January 16, 2009

And now, for something completely different.

So, this really has next to nothing to do with tiny hats, but lately I have become thoroughly consumed by my quest to find the PERFECT GLASSES. Unfortunately, I am poor and just started a new job, though that certainly hasn't stopped me from spending hours (seriously, HOURS) scouring the web for my ocular "other" (forgive the postmodern literary allusion). Having been a long-time contact lense devotee, the task is a little more daunting than i expected. Trying to pick out a pair of glasses that are not only cute and stylish, but flattering, has been a challenge, especially since my recent purchases were made online without ever trying them on.

Case in point:

I am currently impatiently awaiting the arrival of the above pictured glasses from - which are taking a fairly normal, if not short amount of time to be mailed as far as prescription lenses are concerned, but I am exceedingly impatient - and desperate to put them on my face for the first time. I figure since I only paid 25 big ones (including shipping!) for both pairs, I won't feel too guilty about spending the dough even if I look like Rick Moranis or Harry Potter in them. My goal, at least as far as the second look is concerned, is to emulate the fashion-forward Anna Karina of Godardian fame, taking a nod from her style in 1967's Anna:

If money were not an object, however, my sights would be much higher, towards the new Spring/Summer 2009 Resort Collection by Oliver Peoples, ever-so-appropriately modeled by the disgustingly adorable Zooey Deschanel (who is also the cover girl for this month's issue of domino, in case anyone was wondering).

Should you deem me worthy of such a nice gift, please consider the following optical options for your charitable donation, preferably the middle selection.

In other, more tiny hat-related news, today is Friday and you know what that means: Tiny hat/me time! Hopefully I can squeeze it in amongst my growing mound of weekend committments. My newest and perhaps funniest inspiration is coming in the form of a childhood obsession: American Girl doll clothing and accessories. Taking cues from the classic playtoy of my youth, I'm envisioning all sorts of historically-based tiny headgear, including dainty pinner caps, tiny traditional church hats, small flight caps a la Amelia Earhart, mini tri-corners (which I attempted and successfully created for Kari's George Washington costume on halloween), tiny nurse's caps and shrunken holiday wreath hats.

I've even been influenced by the tiny food and decorative items on the site, all of which would make pretty adorable tiny hat subject matter. Here a few of my favorites:

Here's to a weekend of productivity AND relaxation! See you next week!



  1. I am ALL ABOARD for tiny moments in history!

  2. oh man, you are making me very excited about new glasses! my eye exam is not until Feb 23 though... will i survive between now and then?
    my plan -- order 2-3 pairs from Zenni and wear my current glasses in the meantime. Then once they arrive (fingers crossed that at least one pair looks good on me!) I'll get new lenses put in my chanels. and then i'll have ample options and won't have to wear the same thing every day. i luv glasses!

  3. I SO want to order glasses online (almost every day) but I'm afraid they'll look funny on me! Those Oliver Peoples frames are WHOA as hell!