Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So I creep, yeaaaaah

Since last we spoke, dear blogger, I have failed on quite a few of the promises I made. I have not, unfortunately, begun working on a series of cupcake hats, despite a self-imposed deadline of less than a week from today. As of late, my primary concerns have been in the bureaucratic realm, namely of the auto-tag renewal variety, but we won't focus on that because it's just boring. And also depressing. Who knew ad valorem taxes were so exorbitant?

Instead, I have been coming up with tiny hat ideas for my friend William's band, Sleep Creeps - that, in case you live in Atlanta, is playing the Earl Monday, February 2 at 8:30 pm. Below are some mock-ups of ideas I have that will hopefully fulfill the group's '90s goth aesthetic requirements.

Tonight's gonna be a looooong night, my friends. I plan to churn these babies out as quickly as possible which means more burning of the midnight oil.

In other news, swift on the heels of Obamarama and Aretha Franklin's now-infamous inauguration hat - which some might say is lapping the Prez himself as the biggest topic of interest surrounding this regime change - I have been working on a collection of tiny Aretha hats. My first isn't as a profesh or as detailed as I'd like, being that I worked with what materials I had on-hand, but the final product gives me hope for the future of tiny Aretha hats. Honestly, there isn't a sartorial statement I'm swifter to align with than ostentatious church-hat chic; unless of course, you make that miniature, and then i'm already there.

I'd love to stay and type the day away, alas, real life beckons. Here's to having more money in the near future, travel, a tiny hat breakthrough and my glasses arriving, which Zenni Optical seems hell-bent on delaying as long as humanly possible.


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  1. AMY - My tiny hat looked awesome at the show on Saturday! I have a pic if you want.