Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A sad, sad day for the publishing world

As a writer - albeit a lazy, unprolific one - I am a carnivorous consumer of the written word, particularly when it comes to that which falls under the journalism umbrella. I devour magazines as if they were sustenance, and find solace in the pages of a fashion spread or witty editorial.

That's why it pains me to bear the bad news that on this gloomy Wednesday, easily one of my favorite publications in print - perhaps of all time - has kicked the bucket. In response to growing economic concerns and lack of market demand, home decor and lifestyle magazine domino has entered its final chapter - Chapter 11, I guess you could say. Conde Nast made the announcement this morning, stating a significant drop in ad sales over the past few months and an inability to pinpoint a necessary niche for the mag.

Even the comprehensive Web site, will be no more. That means no more blogs, extended photoshoots or My Deco File, a popular feature that served as a lookbook of sorts for organizing home decor ideas and inspiration.

It's so sad that a glossy of such high quality - one that appealed to a very specific demographic, yes, but never before so thorougly - befell the unfortunate fate of folding due to a failing economy. Sure, some might say the content coating domino's crisp pages was a little too upscale, throwing caution to the wind of economic change. But to me, it was a perfect balance of ritzy investment pieces and bohemian, flea market acquisitions. It emphasized the importance of clever juxtaposition, in the case of high-meets-low, and secured its spot in many a permanent inspiration binder thanks to expert advice and memorable, timeless decorating. Unlike its country-cute and yuppie-yacht decor mag predecessors, domino appealed to a younger age bracket, one focused on personal style rather than trend slavery.

domino's last issue hits newsstands in March. Try not to cry too hard when you leaf through its pages. I can't believe this happened right after my "homegirl" Zooey Deschanel graced the cover. Single tear.

On another, much less somber note, one of my good old friends, Jessica Carantza, (sister to Alex, longtime partner in crime), owns her own jewerly line, Dear Georgette. Alex gave me one of her pieces for my birthday this year and she made a shout-out of sorts to me on the DG blog because of it.

shoutout in dear georgette

Thanks, Jess! Be sure to find Dear Georgette on Facebook, as well as on the small screen, where Jess recently made her debut on WJXT's The Morning Show in her hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Jess makes gorgeous, handmade, one-of-a-kind (and most importantly, affordable!) pieces for any occasion, and takes custom orders as well. Jess is an inspiration, and I hope her business continues to thrive!



  1. sometimes when God closes a door he opens a tiny window

  2. I wanted to think of a witty follow-up to Farzad's comment but no dice!

    I can't believe Domino is dunzo. Sucks! As someone who never purchased it, I did nothing for their bottom line, but I appreciated what I saw of the mag's work on websites. I don't see why they didn't go web-only. It's 2009 for Pete's sake, it should have just lived online from the start!

    Dear Georgette is amazing! Wheee!

  3. Thanks Amy! You are an inspiration to me too!