Thursday, April 23, 2009

this is the best thing to wear for the day

With less than a month left to prepare for this summer's Indie Craft Experience, and quite a few custom orders in the pipeline, Ministry of Tiny Hats threatens to become the most important thing in my life right now, and I must say, that doesn't bother me one bit.

I've been gathering inspiration from all sorts of places lately, and more than just the subjects themselves (resort-friendly Jackie O and Grey Gardens, i.e.) I have become particularly fixated on a specific color palette. With a handful of exceptions, I'd like my summer I.C.E. collection to be a flood of the palest pastels and wispy-est neutrals imaginable, a wash of ethereal elegance in very soft focus. Could anything be more wonderful?

The past few days, I've made a handful of hats, including a lovely moss-green velvet pillbox number with coral feathers, mint tulle and cream sequined flowers. Pictures soon to follow. My other big accomplishment is a tiny Brownie hat, which is pretty much a hybrid between the traditional Brownie beanie and Girl Scout beret. It's a belated birthday present for my friend Millie, who I'm hoping will appreciate the creative license I took in crafting this miniature piece of GS memorabilia. Tiny hat merit badge?

tiny brownie beret

Please don't forget to check out the Ministry May 30-31 at Indie Craft Experience for more where this came from! Peruse thousands of adorable wares from the craftiest minds this country has to offer. And now you have two days to come out in case you miss the first!

mini milliner

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  1. i'm gonna be your little editor ... it's MAY (look in your text, MARCH is gone)

    can't wait to see the new pastels!