Tuesday, April 14, 2009

world domination

Whenever I participate in a craft fair, of which there are many in the Atlanta area, I am often surprised by the positive response my hats receive. This is particularly perplexing because the reactions generated by tiny hats on the whole range from intense confusion and disapproval, to extreme affection, the former being the stronger of the two.

But all it takes it one tiny hat fan to transform the whole lot of 'em that yes, indeed, you do need a tiny version of your favorite normal-sized hat. This is why it's important to mention the sudden surge of tiny hats in the media, even though they aren't even mine. I won't lie, when Nylon Magazine posted this piece on their site yesterday, I felt a tinge of sadness...followed by extreme disappointment. It stung a little to see a concept so dear to my heart, and once so unique, being transformed into a mass-produced, fleeting fashion trend. But then i reconsidered: isn't any mainstream attention paid to this hard-to-sell, uber-niche market a good thing? And it's not as if I INVENTED the tiny hat; I only refined it, and took it a to a new plateau. Besides, though these Nylon-worthy hats are adorable and certainly ones I'd wear myself, I'd like to use this opportunity to set myself apart and hopefully gain some new followers in the process!

Ministry of Tiny Hats is based on the principle that any -- and I do mean ANY -- idea, holiday or piece of personal memorabilia can be transformed into a wearable work of art. While the tiny top hat is what sparked my miniature chapeau obsession, I have moved into considerably more abstract territory in recent months; a tiny airplane and cupcake hat are among my more whimsical offerings thus far.

I wouldn't want to deter anyone from buying the lovely hats mention in the aforementioned article, but I would like to steer some on-the-fence folks in the Ministry's direction, if only for practicality's sake: My hats are not only 100% handmade and more affordable, they can be customized to practically any specifications you might have. I won't even add the caveat "within reason" because as of yet, there hasn't been a single custom tiny hat request i've turned down!

In the spirit of whetting your tiny hat appetite, here are a few of my more recent offerings to the tiny hat world, with many more to come in the near future.

ministry of tiny hats

Please email me at ministryoftinyhats@gmail.com with any and all requests, and for more information about pricing and construction time. Or if you are, or will be, in the Atlanta area May 30-31, please stop by the Ministry of Tiny Hats booth at this year's summer installment of the Indie Craft Experience!

Tiny hats off to ya!


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  1. I believe tiny hats can bring luck! Can you fashion me a mini-book deal? Thanks!

    all kidding aside, Ministry gets better with each new diminutive chapeau!